I wrote an article a few weeks ago about the same subject, with a little less knowledge than i have now!

There are similarities and differences in the file structure for iOS3 & iOS4 and this spreadsheet was written using an iphone 3GS on iOS4.01! This is a basic cut and can be updated on googledocs!

Folder Image Name Image Size Notes
Theme Folder
Wallpaper.png 320×480
LockBackground.png 320×480
SMSBackground.png 480×480
Dock.png 320×91
[IconName].png 60×60 Can be made a little larger.
FolderIconBG.png 59×60
FolderSwitcherBG.png 320×480
SBBadgeBG.png 29×30
BatteryBG_1-17.png 264×129 17 Images Needed
silent.png 87×88
speaker.png 81×76
AppIconMask.png 59×60 Must be saved as PNG24 – iOS4
AppIconShadow.png 59×60 Must be saved as PNG24 – iOS4
bottombarknobgray.png 71×47
bottombarknobgreen.png 71×47
bottombarknobred.png 71×47
bottombarlocktextmask.png 80×32
Balloon_1.png 43×32
Ballon_2.png 43×32
UIPageIndicator.png 6×6
UIPageIndicatorCurrent.png 6×6
UIPopupAlertSheetBackground.png 284×62 Notification Background

LINK, spreadsheet on google docs.


A set of 22 stock and cydia icons made for the iDevice series, all icons are approx 59×60 and are in PNG format!

DOWNLOAD – BlackRivet Icons

Two self made iphone wallpapers in PNG format, ‘Ubuntu’ & ‘Lonely Robot’

Please click and save as!

Both wallpapers can be used for lock and homescreens!

Another new theme this time consisting of a riveted theme in dark grey/black colors, lockbackground, custom folders and backgrounds included. AutoTheme appstore icons, themed stock icons and more.

DOWNLOAD – Riveting iphone Theme.

(As usual transfer with WINSCP or equivalent)

My second attempt at making a complete theme, this time using sapphire glass and denim to make up the main components, this also includes a lockscreen and auto theme icons.

DOWNLOAD – Sapphire Denim


320×480 iPhone Wallpapers

Posted: March 4, 2011 in Mobile Graphics

Two wallpapers to match the Sapphire Denim theme.



A 1st from dnaproductions, an iPhone theme based on black shelves and blue plastic!

DOWNLOAD Blackwood V1.0


Posted: February 21, 2011 in Mobile Graphics, Mobile Themes
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Please keep a look out for posts from our sister site iThemephone who publish various guides and help with theme making on the iPhone series of handsets! We have started this site as a hobby and hope to show you some cool tricks when making themes for iPhones!!


I have been using wordpress to blog for over a year now and have sought a mobile client to blog on the move since starting. I have used wordmobi since having the N82 and am pleased to say that the latest incarnation supports the touch devices and has a little more functionality.

It requires Python 1.97 to run and it has to be installed on the same drive as Python, uploading of images is supported as of course is text editing. I don’t blog a great deal from the phone but it’s handy when you are away from your PC for extended periods of time with no other access available.

Scr000033 Scr000034

Scr000036 Scr000037

For more information visit http://wordmobi.wordpress.com/

Download: Wordmobi

Download: Python 1.97

Nokia and Ovi store recently launched a blog detailing one application per day which is available from the Ovi Store, the blog gives a detailed review of a particular application or content.  The reviews are not written by Ovi staff or the developers, instead reviews are provided from forum Nokia staff members. Reviews are set to appear during weekdays Mon – Fri.

Nokia state in the About section of the site  “These reviews are NOT paid endorsements of any kind. Neither the team that runs Ovi Store, nor the developers whose apps are reviewed have any influence over the apps that are selected, or what is written about those apps.”



A New Era – A New O/S

Posted: September 5, 2009 in Devices

I have just switched from my trusty N82 to a new 5800 S60v5 handset, i have to say i AM impressed so far!

More to follow……………………………………

The original Samsung Omnia i900 is rumoured to be getting a relative in the form of an i8000 Omnia 2, it will be running Windows Mobile like it’s predecessor the original Omnia. The new handset will feature an impressive 8.1Mp camera as well as a new feature rumoured to be present on the device. A 3d cube like widget is thought to be on the device which allows you to select music, pictures and other applications from a 3D cube on the screen. It is not know whether this is part of the Touch Wiz UI or a standalone widget?

The screen is said to be a 3.7″ AMOLED driven WVGA display, 30fps video and dual LED flash. The screen can handle 16 million colors however windows mobile is known to only support 65k, keep peeled for a possible official announcement on June 15th?

Come in out of the cold, Windows Mobile users. Microsoft, who recently launched a new version of Windows Live that aggregates activity from all the social networking sites, has finally announced a Facebook app for smartphones powered by WinMo 6.0 and newer.

Like similar apps for iPhone and BlackBerry, it will allow users to upload video and images direct to Facebook from their phones, and obviously you can do all that other social networking stuff like write on them walls and approve friend requests. You can also make phone calls to friends on your Facebook contact list, which is pretty cool.


Download yours at www.windowsmobile.com/facebook.


Source: Mobile Choice

Nokia’s recent touchscreen device the 5800 X-Press music is getting a star trek makeover to coincide with the release of the new movie this month on May 8th. the handset will come in three colours glittering blue, red and silver/black and feature content like ringtones, wallpapers and screensavers. The phone will also have a mysterious application installed called the ‘Phazer’, little is known as to it’s use as yet.

Nokia is one of the only brands to be shown in the new movie, not in the form of a 5800 but a touchpanel screen in an old car in the opening sequences.

Available from P4U, Orange, Vodafone, T-Mobile and O2 networks in May.

Vodafone have recently introduced a flat rate charge of 50pence for all internet and email browsing on a daily basis, Friday saw the same being offered for free. This co-incides with the Orange bright top ups which see’s the operator giving away prizes upon top up!

I have yet to find out what is covered under this bundle, some operators class wap sites as internet and can charge you for using the internet links instead of the wap links!  that said this is good value from the big red Vodafone 😉

Available to all PAYG and PAYM customers without an existing internet package.